Bill Belichick to use Patriots’ bye week to assess all positions: ‘We’ll work through everything’


Bill Belichick will have his work cut out for him during the New England Patriots bye week, and one of those tasks will be assessing the quarterback situation. 

Mac Jones was benched for backup quarterback Bailey Zappe late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 10-6 loss to the Indianapolis Colts after a disastrous turnover in the red zone. 

After the game, Belichick said of his decision that he “thought it was time for a change.”

On Monday, the coach was questioned about Jones’ future as starter and if that “change” would carry through at least their next game. 

“We just got back from Germany. We’ll work through everything,” he said, declining to name Jones.” 

“We’ll look at everything, all the way across the board. Not specifically one position, but just look at everything and do the best we can here going forward.” 

When pressed further about his decision making, Belichick said he would be addressing the team’s immediate and future needs with any decision he makes. 

“Yeah, well, we’ll do what’s best for the football team for now and the future. We don’t have a game this week. We have a game next week.”

The Patriots’ offense has struggled significantly this season despite the addition of offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. Jones was sacked five times in the first half and turned over the ball with a wildly underthrown pass in the red zone, ultimately ending any real chance of a comeback victory. 

“It’s what we’ve talked about all year, really, it’s consistency,” Belichick said Monday. 

“There are good things. There are things that we can build off of. We’re certainly doing a lot of things better than we did earlier in the year. But, it doesn’t take much to stop a drive or to have a bad play. We just have to do a better job eliminating those errors, so that’s what we’re working towards.”

New England will have until Nov. 26 when they visit New York to play the Giants to reassess and figure it out. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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