Blind dog is reunited with its family after going missing for three days in the UK: ‘Overjoyed’


After going missing for three days, a blind Labrador senior dog was reunited with its family — thanks to a drone.

The 11-year-old Labrador, Molly, had disappeared from her home in the United Kingdom — leading the pup’s family to call a search and rescue team, SWNS reported.

The U.K.-based charity, Drone to Home, responded to the call.

The charity was contacted on the third day of Molly’s disappearance.

The pup’s owners even thought the dog might have died, SWNS said.

In only two hours, the search and rescue team was able to locate the Labrador. (SEE the video at the top of this article.) 

“Within just two hours of the call, the team were able to locate Molly in Tissington, Derbyshire,” said SWNS, the British news service.

CEO Phil James and his team were overwhelmed by the beautiful reunion between Molly and her owner.

“I don’t get emotional very often but the Lab did bring a tear to my eye, I must admit. I’m so happy for the owners to see them overjoyed,” he said.

CEO James, the chief drone operator and instructor of Drone to Home, founded the organization in 2019.

The search and rescue charity is dedicated to reunited furry friends with their family members.

“Drone To Home was created out of a necessity to help more people find their beloved dogs,” according to the charity’s website.

“As he began finding more and more missing dogs, word soon spread that his skills and experience in reuniting missing dogs [brought] much-needed peace of mind for thousands of people in the community.”

The charity started as a one-man job, with James funding the search and rescue on his own.

“I self-funded it up until registering [it] as a charity on the 29th of April 2022, and to date we have reunited 2,487 dogs, three ponies, an emu, a skunk and nine cows,” James shared with SWNS.

The charity has hundreds of volunteers who can come together either behind a drone or on the ground when needed.

“We all love what we do and have the best job in the world,” James said via SWNS.

Fox News Digital reached out to Drone to Home for further comment.

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