California wildlife ‘acting weird’ because there’s fentanyl in the water?!


Yes, you read that correctly. The wildlife in California, especially raccoons and coyotes, is tripping on Fentanyl.

Or at least that’s what actress and comedian Whitney Cummings was told when she called animal control about a raccoon staked out in her tree.

Dave Rubin plays the clip of Cummings telling Joe Rogan about her ridiculous experience dealing with drug-addicted wildlife.

“I’m like, ‘I have this raccoon in my tree,’” Cummings told animal control, but the girl’s response was, “Yeah, that’s where they live,” which the actress called “the most California f***ing response.”

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, no, this is where I live, b****,” Cummings retorted, but the animal control staffer just told her that “a lot of the wild animals in California are acting really weird right now because people are testing their cocaine for fentanyl. And if it tests positive, they flush it down the toilet, so there’s fentanyl in the water.”

“Wait a minute” said Rogan, visibly shocked. “What about people? Do people get that water?”

“I can’t speak to the absolute veracity” of Cummings’ claim, says Dave, “but let’s just say it’s ballpark sort of right … there will be coyotes on fentanyl killing the California liberals.”

“That’s where we’re at,” he sighs.

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