Damning Report on George Santos May End His Time in Congress


The House Ethics Committee on Thursday released a blistering report on truth-allergic freshman Rep. George Santos (R-NY), which said it found “potential violations of federal criminal law” in his expansive record of lies, scandals, and misdeeds.

After months of investigation, bipartisan panel said it turned up “substantial evidence” of fraud by Santos—with the goal of personal financial gain—which will be referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution. The alleged fraudster already faces 23 criminal charges in New York state federal court.

While the report itself did not explicitly call for Santos’ expulsion from Congress, the panel’s chairman, Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS), said in a statement on Thursday morning that he believes Santos deserves to be removed from office.

In general, the report lays bare Santos’ deceptions and details with brutal clarity how he has tarnished the institution of Congress.

“Representative Santos sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit,” the report’s introduction reads.

It summarizes a dizzying array of findings, stating he “blatantly stole from his campaign,” “deceived donors,” and attempted to cover it all up through a “constant series of lies to his constituents, donors, and staff about his background and experience.”

Calling the Santos investigation “unprecedented,” the Ethics Committee wrote that “the integrity of the House has been called into question in a significant and overt manner that the Committee cannot ignore.”

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