How to get the Hang Ten trophy in Spider-Man 2


Hang Ten is one of the more difficult trophies to pull off in Spider-Man 2. A puzzling aerial challenge, completing this trophy requires you to perform 30 individual tricks while in the air.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to earn the Hang Ten trophy, including suit upgrades, locations and techniques.

How to prepare for the Hang Ten trophy

There are a few upgrades that make the Hang Ten trophy much easier to complete. First off, in the Shared skill tree, you can both the Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash upgrades in the middle tree, as two parallel skills near the end.

Spider-Jump boosts you into the air when you press L1 + X, and Spider-Dash is a horizontal dash which you can activate with L1 + Triangle. When you’re running out of momentum in the air, these skills can be triggered to buy you more time, allowing you to pull off extra stunts and build your combo.

The caveat with these upgrades is that they have a cooldown timer, which can get in the way of success. We recommend investing in the Aerial Escapades upgrade, too, which is right after both skills in the same tree. Aerial Escapades allows you to replenish your Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash cooldowns quicker by performing tricks in the air, creating a feedback loop that allows you to maintain an airborne state.

You can also buff these skills with the Suit Tech Traversal upgrade Active Spider, which boosts the height of Spider-Jump and the distance of Spider-Dash. While this upgrade isn’t essential to completing the trophy, it might help if you are still struggling.

How to get the Hang Ten trophy in Spider-Man 2

You can attempt the trophy anywhere, though we recommend using the coastal edges of Manhattan. When you’re in the middle of the city, you might find yourself accidentally slamming into buildings and other obstacles, negating your success. The one thing to be wary of along the coast are the bridges, of course, which can get in the way due to their varying heights.

Once you’ve found a good spot with a long, clear line of buildings to your right or left side, you’re ready to start your attempt.

You can either climb up a tall building or jump up from the ground, but in both cases, start with a huge swing and boost out of it by tapping X at the height of your momentum. Once you’re at a decent altitude and peeling through the air, hold the Square button and jostle the left stick in all directions to string together a variety of tricks. The combo multiplier will only increase when you switch between tricks, so don’t hold anything for long — just keep activating new tricks in order to juice the multiplier all the way to 30.

When you begin to fall, and it gets a bit sketchy, use your Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash skills to avoid hitting the ground by pressing L1 + Triangle or L1 + X. If you chose to upgrade the Aerial Escapades skill, you’ll find that as you complete tricks in quick succession, you’ll earn back your Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash, creating a sustainable loop of momentum. Your mileage may vary, but this should ensure you don’t run out of steam, and before long, you will have put together a 30 trick combo. Keep going as long as you can just to be safe, and then hit the ground gracefully to pop the trophy.

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