Indian game veterans start Kratos Games Network


Kratos Studios, the owner of the IndiGG intellectual property, announced the Kratos Games Network as a program that will allocate grants to new gaming studios in India and other emerging markets.

The program will allocate a grant of INR 50 cr towards gaming studios. And the company will aim to target the first set of 10 to 15 studios by March 2024.

Manish Agarwal, founder of Kratos Studios, said in a statement, “Kratos Studios stands for the gamer community. This initiative will bring high quality games and hence more gamers to blockchain gaming. We are on our way to becoming the largest network of gamers on the blockchain, globally.”

Agarwal helped jumpstart India’s nascent gaming ecosystem 15 years ago. He was the CEO of Nazara, which was India’s first and only publicly listed gaming company.

Ishank Gupta has operated and advised consumer firms in China, the UK, South Africa, and India. During his stints with marquee global companies like AB InBev & BCG he has built and led cross-functional and diverse teams. He actively invests in early-stage ventures focused on consumer and blockchain.

Kratos has already enabled monetization, amounting to INR 5 crore, and it expects to see a 100 times increase in the number of gamers with this move.

The Kratos Games Network will extend the grants to Web2 gaming development studios and will help transition their games to blockchain gaming. The program aims to build a strong game developer community across the world and create a pipeline of the top games that cut across genres, languages and cultural sensitivities and make the same available on the Kratos platform.

The shortlisted gaming studios will get the benefit of the Kratos proprietary blockchain tech stack giving them access to the 10 lakh user base of the on-chain global gamer community. The integration of blockchain will enable these studios to monetize and build revenue for developers and gamers alike.

The Kratos gamer community is already present in multiple geographies and will target gaming studios beyond India, including Latin America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

The rigorous selection process will focus on factors based on profitability spanning two to three years, game studios with a minimum daily active user count of 500,000.

The Kratos Games Network will offer a multitude of benefits, including access to a large number of gamer communities. Being a part of Kratos Games Network, the partner developers will also have an economic value-sharing model with their gamers, leading to enhanced user retention and increased monetization for individual gamers.

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