Kamala Harris ‘playing games’ again with Second Amendment euphemisms, says attorney


Attorney Colion Noir called out Vice President Kamala Harris for praising Australia’s mandatory gun confiscation that was carried out in the 1990s. The Second Amendment advocate told “The Ingraham Angle” that the situation in Maine this week underscored why legal gun ownership is important for Americans. “Nobody needs a firearm, until you do,” Noir argued, after a suspected mass shooter eluded police after attacking a bar and bowling alley. 

COLION NOIR: The irony is Maine is considered the second-safest state in the country. And they also are considered one of the most pro-gun states in the country. The thing is, though, when you live in a very safe environment, sometimes we get lulled into complacency. And when we think that we’re safe because we feel safe, which doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe. And then when you start to realize that, you know, maybe I should have a firearm, it usually happens when it’s too late. And so that’s why you have individuals now saying, well, now there’s a manhunt going on and the police don’t know where he is. And now you’re at home, you don’t have a firearm, and you have no means to protect yourself, and neither can the police because they’re too busy looking for the guy. So that’s the one thing that I’ve always tried to hammer onto people with respect to the Second Amendment. It’s there to give you the ability to protect you and your family and I just wish that people would understand that. But because of the semantics and the games that the left likes to play with respect to the Second Amendment, they fall into this belief system that nobody needs a firearm. Until you do and then at that point, it’s too late. 

FOX News Digital’s Thomas Catenacci contributed to this report.

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