MacBook Pro rumored to get a big redesign in 2025, but it’ll likely be delayed


Ahead of Apple’s “Scary fast” event happening next week, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests the company is readying a redesigned MacBook Pro for a 2025 release. Since the last time the company revamped its high-end MacBook was in 2021, a four-year difference makes a lot of sense.

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Interestingly, Kuo just gives us this information without much explanation, as he was talking about why Apple is already moving away from the M2 chips and focusing on the M3 lineup. He writes:

“As far as I know, Apple attributes the significant decline in MacBook shipments in 2023 mainly to the limited M2 computing power upgrade. I believe this is why Apple may prefer to launch the M3 series MacBook Pro even when its production volume is still low rather than continue to ship the M2 series MacBook Pro. Theoretically, the M3 should offer a more significant boost in computing power. However, if even the M3 can’t boost MacBook shipments, I think the likelihood of introducing the all-new design MacBook Pro in 2025 may increase. Furthermore, Apple may also consider (but hasn’t decided yet) introducing a more affordable MacBook model to boost shipments, with a target of 8-10+ million units per year.”

While Apple could indeed release a redesigned MacBook Pro in 2025, there’s a main reason why the company will likely wait another year: Cupertino is expected to ditch the miniLED display for the 8th generation OLED panel.

OLED is the main reason why Apple won’t announce a redesign of the MacBook Pro in 2025

The main suppliers of this technology will be Samsung Display and LG Display. While Samsung is already developing this new panel, LG still needs to secure funds, according to several Asian stories. That said, the most recent reports believe Samsung will start mass production of this technology in the first half of 2026.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t make sense if Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro in 2025 to a year later bring another revamp with a new display technology.

BGR will keep reporting on the latest rumors and analysis regarding upcoming Macs – including the ones probably being announced next week.

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