Petey and macGPT updated with OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT features


Popular apps Petey and macGPT have been updated this week with OpenAI’s latest features. Petey is developed by Hidde van der Ploeg, and macGPT by Jordi Bruin. Here’s what you need to know about both app updates.

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Petey is a GPT app for both Apple Watch and iPhone. In version 2.5, the software just received numerous improvements and features thanks to OpenAI’s latest updates.

For example, Petey Basic now uses the 16K context by default. There are two new mascots, and you can also set your favorite font style. The Premium version now gets access to the new GPT-4 Turbo, which is faster and has knowledge up to April 2023 – it was previously until September 2021.

Premium users also get a drastically improved voice thanks to the new Text-to-Speech API from OpenAI. For Apple Watch users, Petey offers a completely redesigned app for watchOS 10, in addition to a conversation history feature.

Hidde van der Ploeg tells BGR that an image/camera input will be available in a future version, and a macOS app is in the works. Petey is free to download but requires an in-app subscription, depending on your GPT needs.

For macGPT, developed by Jordi Bruin, the app has also been updated to GPT-4 Turbo, which now supports up to 128.000 tokens. Bruin says more is coming to the app soon. In the meantime, he published a new Mac app called Voices, which uses OpenAI’s Text-To-Speech models, which lets users generate human-like sounding audio files from text. He says Voices lets you use your own API key to generate these text-to-speech phrases as cheaply as possible.

You can download macGPT and Voices on the Mac for free – but we recommend you leave a tip for Bruin.

BGR will keep reporting on the latest apps using OpenAI features. You can recap all the features introduced by OpenAi below.

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