Whitney Cummings Pushes Boundaries in New OnlyFans TV Special


Comedian Whitney Cummings was seven months pregnant when she taped her latest stand-up special, Mouthy. But that didn’t stop her from saying whatever she wanted on stage at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

That newfound level of freedom came in part from the fact that on Wednesday, Nov. 15, hers will be the first-ever stand-up special to premiere on OFTV, the “safe-for-work” streaming platform from the otherwise porn-filled OnlyFans, where Cummings previously released two roast events this past year.

“Weed, geriatric, dickhead, crypto,” the comedian can be seen writing on a notepad backstage before the show in the exclusive trailer below, before asking viewers, “Setlist or suicide note?”

On stage, she previews jokes about selling her baby “for Taylor Swift tickets” and wades into some dicey territory about gender reveal parties and trans swimmers—without revealing which side of the cultural debate she falls on. “People get so scared to talk about this. I’m not scared of it!” she exclaims at one point.

“For my sixth special I really wanted to experience the same creative freedom that I feel when I perform in live venues and recreate that tension for the audience,” Cummings said in a statement when Mouthy was first announced. “Working with OFTV has been the closest experience to a live show that I can remember and they have been so supportive—especially as I made this special while 7 months pregnant! They understand that comedy fans are smart and understand nuance, and I knew they would be the perfect partner to create a special that I would typically only be brave enough to perform in a non-taped show.”

Stay tuned for an all-new episode of The Last Laugh podcast with special guest Whitney Cummings very soon!

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